A morning with the littles

A wakes up and collects the piles of toys that I carefully relocated to the floor from her bed last night as she slept. I give her a “shh” with my finger to my lips. I’m hoping for a couple more minutes of sleep but at the very least that she doesn’t wake Baby B who is so peacefully sleeping.

Eventually she crawls into bed with Baby B and I. Baby B wakes and I enjoy watching my little girls so thrilled to see each other. Each of them temporarily neglecting me.

We slowly make our way to the kitchen for coffee, milk, and “wa” as Baby B requests. Baby B throws her cereal on the floor piece by piece as I attempt to load the dishwasher before the coming cries of “all done”, Baby B’s way of demanding she is removed from the confines of her high chair. Little A knocks her bowl of cereal over, but thankfully she requested it without milk. Baby B helps me sweep it up and we start bath time.

I sneak a sip of coffee as the girls play in the bath. Mid sip I spot the bug floating in my creamy coffee goodness. I wonder how many sips I took before I noticed that little stinker.

We head out to our one day old chicken coop. Our first chicken feeding/ egg collection just the girls and I. Little A is absolutely delighted to collect the eggs. We feed the hungry little chickens as the sky pours rain on us, only the second day of rain in months. I can not open the coop door to get the eggs and know I have to find a way to get it open or I will have a truly disappointed little girl. After minutes of pulling and pushing it swings open. There are no eggs.


Just Laugh

I always love it when things are not going so great and something terrible happens but I’m able to see humor and change my attitude. If only I could always let the silly things lead me but sometimes it takes hours or days to reflect and see that it wasn’t so bad.

A couple of nights ago, I was having a hard time with the little cuties when I felt something warm on my leg. I picked up Baby B and there was a puddle of poop on my pants. I just laughed, what else was there to do? I didn’t know where to start, so I took my pants off then changed Baby B. We don’t have curtains yet and it was dark so I had to do a funny crawl so our neighbors wouldn’t see! Then someone drove up to the house, eek! I had to run and get pants on… It was a funny couple of minutes and only because I let myself see the humor in the situation.

Today I missed the humor. I was bribing/ threatening/ begging (basically not good moming) my Little A to go potty on the potty before we left for my mom’s house. She is three and doing well at potty training but, let’s face it, she has many other important things to do. (Hello, we were leaving and she needed to get every bracelet, necklace, ring, and purse she owned on!) When I turned around to see a little puddle on the carpet behind Baby B. Poop. On our less than a month old carpet. Right on the very first piece of carpet anyone will ever see in our house.

I didn’t laugh. It was a mess. I didn’t know where to start and I also had a naked toddler asking me why Baby B pooped on the carpet. I wasn’t at my best. I chose the wrong way to look at the situation. We survived it.

I had the girls all loaded up in their car seats when Little A announced that her ring fell off in Baby B’s car seat. I just couldn’t let this choking hazard slide so I searched. I weighed my options in my head and almost drove away without finding it but I just couldn’t. For five minutes I felt around every crevice in the back seat. Finally I found it and turned around to see the cat had joined us in the front seat. I still wasn’t laughing.

As we drove away I finally saw the humor. I’m glad I had the time to reflect because the more that I reflect the more that I realize our day is filled with silly little girls that make hilarious situations one after the other. I just have to choose to see it that way. Here’s to a funny tomorrow filled with good moming!

Going places with littles

I love having plans and doing something where we get to get out of the house. Then, when I’m about five minutes into getting ready I remember that I have two little kids and the task of leaving home is so exhausting that by the time I get anywhere I am ready to go home.

Yesterday we went shopping with my mom and sister. Although I love shopping and I don’t get to go very often, by the time we got there I wasn’t feeling it. The shopping trip went well, both girls refrained from crying and I found what I was looking for.

Next, the car ride home. Baby B cried the entire thirty minutes home. I thought she would fall asleep but she just cried and cried. Little A whined and begged for the blanket that Baby B was using until she cried too and fell asleep.

When we got to my mom’s house I took Baby B in, worried something was wrong but she was happy the instant I took her from the car seat. My mom brought Little A in and she was a crying mess from being woken up. Ugh. Really, can I catch a break?

I needed to run to the store so I left Baby B with my mom, loaded Little A up, and went to the closest convenience store. As I was carrying Little A in, I realized her diaper was leaking. So we went back to the car and did what any good mom would do: we tied a sweatshirt around her waist.

Sometimes I feel like I either suck at being a mom or other people are really good at making it look easy. But I probably looked like I was rocking it too while we were shopping. Am I good at making it look easy too? Either way, I think we will just resort to online holiday shopping for now.

Sometimes you feel like a rockstar

Do you ever have those moments or days where no matter how challenging it is you just know you can do it? It might even be that you HAVE to do it but you still go into it confident, knowing that in a matter of time you will be looking back on the challenge with a proud smile? I had one of those moments today.

The Hubby is usually the chef in our house but he was working hard painting the house, so I made a gourmet dinner (of spaghetti). This might not sound hard but we were ending a too-fun-weekend of aunty and five year old cousin visiting: we were all exhausted! So exhausted that Little A fell asleep and I had to pick her up and throw her around and dance with her to get her to wake up!

So I started boiling the water and put Little A in the bathtub (I guess I felt so good I figured I could add an obstacle ). Baby B wouldn’t let me set her down so she was my helper. I had to go potty with Baby B in my arms. The Hubby walked in, he was impressed. Both of the girls cried, it was definitely a challenge but dinner was made and eaten.

The actual accomplishment was small, I know, but it felt huge today. I love the feeling of being a rock star at being a mom.

The Biting Incident

The hubby is currently working nights and I HATE it when his schedule changes. There are so many reasons why the schedule changes bug me but that’s a boring story. I’m not sure if every family has rough evenings or if that’s just us? But evenings are usually the time for meltdowns, tantrums, broken hearts, you get the idea… Surviving evenings without him is even harder.

Tonight I was starting a simple meal (because, well, I’m not a chef, we are living in a trailer, I have two littles, and the hubby is working) and Baby B was chilling in her bouncy seat while Little A lovingly loaded her up with toys and blankets. Until Baby B started screaming! I frantically asked Liittle A what happened and she said “I bit her finger”! (Love it that Little A doesn’t know about lying yet!)

Why would my sweet, perfect little toddler bite her innocent baby sister’s finger? I don’t know and neither does she. Thankfully, Little A started crying hysterically and Baby B stopped crying, so I knew Baby B’s finger was going to be ok. Little A said she was sad because she didn’t want to have a time out but she really loved on her sister when she apologized, so I think (and hope) that there were also some tears for her sister’s pain and suffering.

This also left me worried that Little A is going to be a big bully to her sister. I tried to google “toddler picking on baby” to make sure this is normal and we don’t need to start counseling but all of the results were about toddlers picking their noses! Google, you failed me. We ate dinner and both of the girls fell asleep before 8 on the couch, giving mommy a nice little break time!

Country life update

Tomorrow will be six weeks of living in our shrinking camping trailer. It’s feeling smaller as the days turn to fall and we spend more time inside. We watch a lot of movies and I’m trying to think of some small activities to do inside.

We have a rough schedule that we follow but Baby B now only sleeps when mommy holds her. We are working on that but haven’t gotten very far. Daddy has been working a lot, which means mommy is working a lot. We are all a little tired and I think starting to get tired of the trailer life. Tiny house living is in fact not for us.

Unfortunately, we are going to be enjoying the trailer life for at least three more months. Agh! Three months sounds like forever!

We will be packing up and taking our trailer house and family hunting shortly, so that will at least provide a new setting for a little while. We love walking around the house and seeing it develop. I’m hoping that watching this process will show Little A how much work goes into building a house and teach her that it is a blessing. But she is a couple months short of three and probably won’t realize that. We are close to the half way mark, we’ll hang in there!

Waking up

Bang, bang, bang bang bang, bang. I open my eyes, reminded that out there, the world is still moving. People are working, eating, living. Baby B in my arms rapidly shakes her head looking for milk. My gift to her. She lies back down, relieved that she is still in my arms.

Next to me is Little A squished into her little nest on the edge of the bed. She is beautiful. Angel-like in her sleep, an amazing mixture of her father and I. I love waking up with the my two blessings from God.

Without getting out of bed, so I don’t disturb the precious little ones’ sleep, I watch out the corner of the window that I can see from bed. Eventually I see someone on the roof of the new house. Ah, the roofers are here. Bang. Bang.

This is bliss. In bed, snuggled with my greatest blessings. But coffee is calling me and I worry about our schedule if I don’t wake the babies. The ultimate decision: get up and they too will surely wake or enjoy the peace and the bang, bang, bang.

A busy but not busy day

Today was one of those days where nothing big happened but there was enough little excitement to make you want bed time to come a little earlier. The day started out normal enough, I had the usual not wanting to get out of bed feeling because I slept like a newborn and because it’s cold outside of the covers. The Hubby went grocery shopping (this is usual and yes he is amazing), and brought home a surprise for Little A; a Finding Dory coloring book with markers. Little A’s first markers. We learned she is not quite ready for markers.

In a dash to get outside with a blankie that mommy said to leave inside Little A managed to open the trailer door for the first time. As I changed Baby B’s diaper Little A summersaulted out the door, down the three foot tall metal steps and landed on the plastic rug covered gravel. Thankfully Little A had a couple little scratches but no bumps or bruises. After the fear and tears went away she was back to her normal adorable self.

Today was also the day that Baby B’s bassinet was retired. It was at least a month overdue but the bassinet fit so well in the trailer and for some reason I am scared she won’t sleep as well if I change her sleeping arrangements (this is silly because the longest stretch she slept in her bassinet last night was two hours, can it get worse?). While the pack n play is humongous in the trailer, it seems that Baby B enjoys playing in it. I hope that she also loves sleeping in it.

The hubby also managed to get the ceiling mounted range set up in the new house. Yay for house stuff getting done and yay for a handy husband.

K. Dinner then getting ready for bed and trying to get Little A in bed early.