Country life update

Tomorrow will be six weeks of living in our shrinking camping trailer. It’s feeling smaller as the days turn to fall and we spend more time inside. We watch a lot of movies and I’m trying to think of some small activities to do inside.

We have a rough schedule that we follow but Baby B now only sleeps when mommy holds her. We are working on that but haven’t gotten very far. Daddy has been working a lot, which means mommy is working a lot. We are all a little tired and I think starting to get tired of the trailer life. Tiny house living is in fact not for us.

Unfortunately, we are going to be enjoying the trailer life for at least three more months. Agh! Three months sounds like forever!

We will be packing up and taking our trailer house and family hunting shortly, so that will at least provide a new setting for a little while. We love walking around the house and seeing it develop. I’m hoping that watching this process will show Little A how much work goes into building a house and teach her that it is a blessing. But she is a couple months short of three and probably won’t realize that. We are close to the half way mark, we’ll hang in there!