Sometimes you feel like a rockstar

Do you ever have those moments or days where no matter how challenging it is you just know you can do it? It might even be that you HAVE to do it but you still go into it confident, knowing that in a matter of time you will be looking back on the challenge with a proud smile? I had one of those moments today.

The Hubby is usually the chef in our house but he was working hard painting the house, so I made a gourmet dinner (of spaghetti). This might not sound hard but we were ending a too-fun-weekend of aunty and five year old cousin visiting: we were all exhausted! So exhausted that Little A fell asleep and I had to pick her up and throw her around and dance with her to get her to wake up!

So I started boiling the water and put Little A in the bathtub (I guess I felt so good I figured I could add an obstacle ). Baby B wouldn’t let me set her down so she was my helper. I had to go potty with Baby B in my arms. The Hubby walked in, he was impressed. Both of the girls cried, it was definitely a challenge but dinner was made and eaten.

The actual accomplishment was small, I know, but it felt huge today. I love the feeling of being a rock star at being a mom.


God’s Time

Like many others, I’m sure, I have spent a lot of time planning, dreaming, hoping, and praying for the future. But sometimes I don’t know what I am planning, dreaming, hoping, and praying for. Sometimes God’s plan is not my plan. God’s plan is always better.

We had been married for two years when The Hubby finally agreed to try to have a baby, I had been waiting for him to get on my page for the whole two years! I was so disappointed when it took us six months to conceive. (I realize that this is nothing compared to the struggles that many face while trying to conceive.) We were praying and dreaming of a sweet baby but God knew the timing wasn’t quite right. I applied for a new position in my company that I really wanted in February and two days before my interview I found out I was pregnant. I can’t say how things would have been if we had gotten pregnant that first month but I would have been six months pregnant applying for a position I had wanted for years. God knew what was best for our family, with that position I received a raise, better commute, and more flexibility (perfect for Doctor appointments).

While I was on maternity leave The Hubby was thinking about switching companies. I really felt like a new baby was a big enough change and asked him to wait. It was something he really felt he needed to do and when the baby was six months old he made the change. The new job was so much better for our family that I was able to quite work and stay home with Little A! God was pushing The Hubby to do it because it would be a bigger blessing than we could understand!

Fast forward two years and we were considering some more big decisions. I was eight months pregnant with Baby B and we were meeting with a builder, considering building and moving to a small town three hours away. We know like ten people in a fifty mile radius of this town and we were honestly going to say goodbye to hubby ‘s good job and our family and friends. Then we were notified (or God intervened!) The Hubby would have to move over there for a month before we could start building and building would be another six months! That would be seven months of not having a house, as we would have to sell before we moved. With a baby on the way I told hubby we could do it but let’s have Baby B before we do anything too crazy.

The Hubby doesn’t like to let go of an idea once it is in his head. He started looking for other options and found a perfect piece of property for sell just outside of the town we lived in. He made some phone calls and determined we could purchase it and sell our house a little later. Still very pregnant, within two weeks of the due date, I again asked him to wait! I had one thing on my mind: having this baby! He drove up to look at the property, again, and stopped by his grandpa’s on the way home to get his opinion on the property.

Grandpa, usually the idea encourager, asked The Hubby to wait to make the decision. Grandpa was in the process of building a house (the foundation was poured) and he was waiting for test results because he may have cancer. He told The Hubby that he may want to sell to us. He did have cancer and he did sell to us. Thankfully, God gave us the obstacles on moving out of town so that we were able to purchase from The Hubby’s Grandparents.

Of course, building the house that The Hubby’s grandparents have dreamed of for years is not easy. It is very bittersweet, as we are so excited and so thankful but also very much wish that they were building the house. I believe that our new house will serve as a daily reminder that God has a plan, a big plan, that we may not understand today or even tomorrow. But God has a plan, it is in His hands!