Things Parenthood is Teaching Me

In no particular order and to be continued, as I am learning more every day.

1. You don’t need sleep. Well, you need it but not as much as you think. You can survive on very little for very long. You might be a little crazy and you may feel like you left your brain at the hospital but you will manage. And don’t keep track of how many hours you are sleeping, seriously it’s just depressing so stop.
2. Love. There is so much and as a parent you get to experience it in very new ways (wiping up poo and spit up but also those precious baby snuggles). With baby #2 there is even more, don’t worry about running out, you have much more love than you know.
3. Coffee is a very good motivator. There have been so many mornings that I felt like I need about eight more hours of sleep to feel slightly refreshed but I remembered there was coffee in the kitchen and I crawled out of bed with the baby in my arms.
4. Facebook in the middle of the night can be awkward. Facebook was always there to keep me company when I had a sleeping baby in my arms and could barely peel my eyes open. I recall after little A was born and I was on my lunch break scrolling through my pictures and came across a picture of a family I didn’t know. Seriously, I didn’t know a single person in the picture and the only way it could have gotten there was if I downloaded it from Facebook in my sleep or almost sleep. I have also awoken to messages that my friend requests had been accepted (even from people I didn’t know!). Hmm I wonder how many friend requests were not accepted?
5. There are so many sacrifices. They should actually change the name “parent” to “sacrificer ” because that is what it’s all about (that and the hokey pokey). Nothing is on your terms. Your life begins to revolve around your little beings whether you admit it or not.
6. BUT you MUST learn to put yourself first sometimes. Like when the baby is sad but you are starving, grab a snack before you pick up the baby. She may fall asleep and you may put eating off for hours. Don’t be like that, your needs are also important.
7. It won’t last forever. None of it. When you have tried EVERYTHING and your little newborn won’t stop crying just remember that they will stop, eventually. It might seem silly but I know that it comforted me when I had an unhappy baby to remind myself that she wouldn’t still be crying next week, tomorrow, or in a couple of hours. Also, some day they won’t want to snuggle so sometimes let yourself snuggle them without feeling guilty about the dishes, laundry, and all of those other not fun things.
8. The second baby is much easier and the toddler is more difficult. You’ve already had a baby, you got this. But your first child is inevitably in a new stage to you and figuring out how to adapt is the hard part. Plus the first baby is having a massive life change.
9. Breaks are so very important for everyone! You need a break, your spouse needs a break, and the kids need breaks. Make time for them even if your break is just taking a kid free shower, you will be a better parent/ spouse/ person afterwards.

To be continued…


Day 10 in the country

Do you believe in love at first sight? I’m not sure about love at first sight but I do know that every day that we live on this property I love it more. I have been excited about making this little hill our home since the beginning but I love this hill more every day. I love the trees, the house, the view, watching The hubby and A work outside, the dreams I have of our future here, the little creek that is right out of my childhood dreams, and being close to the hubby’s amazing grandparents. This little adventure is filled with sacrifices for our family but it helps being right here on the hill where we can watch our new home come to life.

It is hard living in a camping trailer with a family of four. I’m pretty sure that the trailer is the same size as our future master bedroom. There are many things we are reminded to not take for granted; long hot showers (or showers long enough to shave), baths, being able to set baby B down where little A can’t reach her, privacy, storage space, having a place for your stuff, gourmet meals, being able to have visitors, sleeping on real mattresses, children sleeping in their own rooms, space, space, and space. I’m sure there is so much more that I’m forgetting but tiny house living is actually nice in some ways.

The closeness of our family is wonderful, we don’t have the option to not be together. We can all cram on to our undersized love seat and watch movies and we don’t feel guilty that we need to clean the house because we only have 250 sq ft to clean! It really isn’t so bad and I am in love with the property but I’m still eager for the next stage in our adventure: moving in. Only about four more months!

Day 2 of country life

It’s our second day of life in the country.  I love love LOVE watching little A play outside with Daddy. Little  A is meant to be outside, she has always been happiest when she’s outside and she still wants to go out when it’s raining and cold!  

I also love watching the cats play outside!  I have wanted them to be outside cats for so long but The Hubby has always been afraid that they would be hit by a car.  After baby B was scratched on day one and The Hubby came home to three girls in tears, he was convinced that they needed to be outside.  Yay!  

So far country life in the trailer is going pretty well.  Yes, there have been bumps (and hills) in the trailer living start but we have made it over most of them and I don’t think trailer life will be as rough as I was expecting. We might even change our mind and build a tiny house.  Ok, no we won’t. 

If these walls could talk…

There would be stories of young love.  That first movie with butterflies in our tummies. Stopping by at midnight on the way home from college for the weekend, just to see each other for a moment. Tears and comfort.  Engagements and weddings. Our wedding! Friends and lots of food.  The best food ( I married a could-be-chef). Vacations and the weeks or sometimes months of planning for vacations. Many movies filled with cuddles (and naps too!). Secrets shared. Heartaches and disappointments. New jobs, promotions, and stay at homeing. Buys and sells, so much craigslist. 

There would be tales of surprises.  That first positive pregnancy test when I said I would wait one more day to take it but took it right after you left for work. And the tears that came after the positive test. The flood of feelings and not knowing what to do next. The precious baby we brought home nine long but short months later.  The sleepless nights and hormones. Hubby working night shift with a new baby, barely seeing each other. Overwhelming   worries of new parents. The joy! The first word (book). Those first five steps that we thankfully got to witness together. 

Then the second positive pregnancy test. The excitement of adding another little life to our family. The fear of not knowing how the new little person would fit into our family. Excitement in little A’s eyes when she finally got to hold her baby sister. 

So many evenings spent outside by the fire, with the neighbors, chasing the ice cream truck, and watering the garden. The spur of the moment walks to get frozen yogurt. Oh and the growing up. From adult kids to parents, real adults.  Watching little baby A grow into a big girl that’s in the sometimes not so fun potty training days. Baby B leaving the newborn days of no sleep and moving into the infant days of a little sleep. 

We are moving. I am beyond excited but also hesitant. The circumstances are not exactly ideal and I’m not excited about the process. Did I mention we have a two year old and a two month old? There are so many factors and emotions involved, it really is no wonder I keep finding myself jgetting emotional about leaving this house. On to our next adventure!